That Je Ne Sais Quoi

Mimi and the Music is a musical and That Je Ne Sais Quoi is a song that resides in said musical. It is sung by the character of Madam O who is an internet troll type person who doesn’t have the nicest things to say about the stories main character Mimi.

Amazing Performance by Jodi Jahnke as Madam O and Sarah Hime as Mimi
The workshop presentation was directed by Ramona Gilmour-Darling who is also reading the stage directions
The writers are: Alexandra Lean (book/lyrics/music), Murray Foster (music/Musical Director) and Anita Beaty (Music/Accompanist)

Mimi and the Music is a musical that follows the story of Mimi a young woman struggling with anxiety/agoraphobia who channels her emotions through her music. She posts music online which catches the eye of guru Hoprah and now has an opportunity to be on her show.

Next steps with Mimi and the Music are: 1) to continue to work on it in my spare time 2) apply for festivals/grants so I can do another staged reading.

I’m going to St. John’s, Newfoundland for a songwriting retreat where I plan to work on the songs from Mimi and the Music as well as the songs from the play with songs Character Assassination and 12 Steps my 12 Dancing Princesses adaptation.

I definitely need to find someone who can do the orchestration for any or all of my projects otherwise that’s another skill I’ll have to try to learn.

I found myself talking about Nobody’s Idol the other day, in idle conversation.  I realized I still love the book and the characters but I need new music.  Music that has an 90s R&B feel to it which is definitely something I don’t think I could somehow learn on my own.   Recap the new and improved Nobody’s Idol is focused on the character of Ty-Real – a bonafide superstar and music producer who’s trying to make a comeback and has a new album to promote. Ty-Real is the type of guy who would have a press conference to tell everyone to leave him alone.  An album which he co-wrote with dead celebrities because he is medium but only of celebrities.  He is in need of cash because over the years he’s impregnated so many women that they have all sued him.  Further more all his former lovers have banded together to legally try to make him get a vasectomy.   One of Ty-Real’s side gigs is judge on a singing competition show where he meets one of his long lost children, Frances.  He has no real relationship with any of his children and meets Frances who believes she is the Little Orphan Annie.  I love this show.  I don’t care how silly and absurd it is – I think its funny and could be so amazing if only I had new music.  I want new music that has a 90s R&B feel to it.  If anyone knows of someone who has that skill set and could do orchestration – please send them my way.

Thanks for reading.

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