A Quiet Revolution

I am proud of the musical Ana and I created together called Ghosted: The Musical.

A year ago I was not in a positive place but bit by bit I began to feel better about life in general.   A year later and here I am.  I see Ghosted: The Musical as a success.  Here’s why:

  1.  We actually did fundraisers.  We did an Indiegogo campaign and a couple of fundraiser shows and I also saved up my own money. So we had a decent sized budget.
  2. We were actually able to pay everyone.
  3. We had an amazing cast who were not only talented but kind as well.
  4. We made more money than we spent.
  5. We made the audience laugh
  6. Somehow, someway – even with everyone’s busy schedule, we were able to rehearse
  7. The audience could hear them – mostly – with those boundary mics
  8. The lighting turned out well – even though the first time we saw them in the context was opening night.
  9. We were able to make the show under 60 minutes
  10. We had a really amazing poster design
  11. We were able to have 14 of our songs in the show
  12. I loved the choreography
  13. All the backing tracks
  14. I managed to work full time and complete all of the above
  15. I am so grateful to the 400 plus ppl who came to see the show.

So Ghosted: The Musical didn’t win any awards. It was not reviewed by NOW.  The review we got brought out the insecure demon fairy in me – even though it was mostly a good review.  The influencers had no interest in influencing people to see the show – another thing for the insecure demon fairy freaked out about.  The outside world did not give me the validation that I suppose I was craving.  But then again it did just not in the way I thought it would.  And yet I still think Ghosted: The Musical is a success.

Thanks for sharing in my quiet revolution.  🙂

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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1 Response to A Quiet Revolution

  1. Marcelle Lean says:

    I loved your positive attitude. Yes Alexandra, you can be very proud of your accomplishment: Ghosted:The Musical IS A SUCCESS!!! And Ana and your performers are also to be congratulated for their talents and their superb presence on stage!!! FELICITATIONS as we say in French!!!

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