I’m learning guitar.  I feel so cool.  This is the guitar I bought:

I took guitar lessons like 2 years ago and then stopped because the music studio I was going to went out of business.  I am back at it.  The main pull to learn guitar is that a)  I want to be able to perform my own songs either on guitar or piano.   I don’t have to be a virtuoso or anything just want to be able to get the idea across.  b) everyone around me at these songwriting classes all play guitar so it seems like a good thing to do…I’m such a follower.  whatever

When I was learning piano…aka sort of figuring it out for myself because those piano books are boring why can’t we just try to learn the songs we want to learn.  I put together these medley’s that were super fun.  So I’m doing the same with guitar.  And I am going to do a kick ass Britney Spears Medley – and it is the most fun.

So far the songs I know (as in the songs with chords I know…still figuring strumming patterns) are:  Criminal (which I think is the funniest song ever) and Hit Me Baby One More Time.   There will be more songs just going through all her songs on ultimate-guitar to determine what songs have the easiest chords or if there’s one tougher chord that’s ok.   So far on my list of songs I would like to include in the medley are: I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, Womanizer, Lucky.  Probably all of them Toxic seems to have a lot of difficult chords…I also really like that random song Amnesia.  We shall see.

But songs I had in another medley are: The Way You Make Me Feel (MJ); Don’t You Want Me Baby; Bad Romance; Rewrite This Story (from Smash); and Amazing by Aerosmith.   I’m also trying to learn Heal Over by KT Tunstall which I think is the prettiest song but that’s going to take a lot of practice.  I also am trying to learn Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You.  

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