I’m feeling kind of stressed out about this workshop I’m taking on Sundays.  I am trying to prepare ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ for the class and am feeling that it is not very good because I don’t have the years upon years of musical training to just learn a new song.  Even though technically it’s an old song since I did sing a portion of it for an audition once.  But that’s because I worked on it with my singing teacher and we changed the notes so it would fit with my voice.  Ugh, I feel like this class is a complete waste of money since I’m not as good at singing so inevitably I’ll sing the song and they’ll comment on  how wrong the notes were which is useless because I know.  The thing that I am also bothered about is that ‘Don Juan’ is legitimately the song I sing the best.  So I think I should continue to work on this song because at least I know the notes.  And I’m also worried about the monologue.  Why did I choose a dramatic monologue if I’m supposedly a comedian?  Maybe I should pick another stupid monologue but I can’t find any good ones.  I may just be stressed because I’m still tired because waking up at 4:30am all this week.  So basically I’m annoyed that I’m not any good (still) at singing.  I want to be good already.  How much stuff do I have to do to get good at this?  It bothers me that I suck.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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