A Guide to Killing Your Literary Darlings, Literally

I took another class last weekend called Put It On It’s Feet where I wrote a short play, 15 minutes called Character Assassination: A Guide to Killing Your Literary Darlings, Literally.   On Nov 6th I read it aloud and en-acted all the parts by using pictures glued to Popsicle sticks.  It took place upstairs at Betty’s.  It has become one of my favorite places to do readings its such a great space.   I think there were 4 audience members and 2 other workshop participants and the instructor, Anne Marie Scheffler.

I submitted the pages to be read at Nov 13th’s Toronto Cold Reads.  I didn’t read.  I wanted to hear it from the audiences perspective in an attempt to be objective.   It did help me think of a bunch of ways to improve upon what was read and make my intentions clearer.


The plan is to expand the show into a full length play with music.  The play pretty much incorporates all the various shows I’ve been working on and gives a scene or song from each.  I do of course plan on finishing the rest of my projects but I’ll focus take a look over here for a little while longer.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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1 Response to A Guide to Killing Your Literary Darlings, Literally

  1. Marcelle Lean says:

    Yesterday, I received a very positive message from an acquaintance of mine who attended your 15 minutes reading of your play Alexandra Lean!!!
    I, myself, was amongst your audience at Betty’s and I was very impressed not only by the concept and your own reading but by how your material was so well put together. You have the talent and you certainly work hard, let’s hope lady luck will come to you too!!!

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