It’s 2020. All I’ve been doing is listening to audiobooks, watching movies and tv. To put it in perspective I have watched 260 feature films; 36 TV series; 20 TV Movies and 63 books. Here are my top 5. (I’m not including movies I have already seen a rewatched like Beetlejuice or Shazam or Endgame). I also don’t care to explain why I liked what I liked.


Little Monsters Poster
I thought this movie was delightful.
City of God Poster
Stage Mother Poster
What Happened to Monday Poster
Ponyo Poster


Let me explain – I would never choose a documentary over a fictional land and so therefore documentaries need their own list.

Hail Satan?
It’s more about freedom of speech.
WTF? Imagine if you worked there?
Tell Me Who I Am
God Knows Where I Am
This was really sad.
The Social Dilemma
We’re basically all screwed.


Never Have I Ever Poster
The Great Poster
Modern Family Poster
Emily in Paris Poster
Raised by Wolves Poster


The whole Lunar Chronicles


Defending Jacob
Little Fires EverywhereUnorthodoxMrs. AmericaWaco


The Color of Friendship Poster
Upside-Down Magic Poster
The Thirteenth Year Poster
A Deadly Adoption Poster
Twitches Poster

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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