Just Because

I’m gearing up to do this staged reading of this musical I’ve been writing called Mimi and the Music.  The script is looking good and working on the sheet music.  I’m going to record some tracks soon with my music teacher to have an instrumental accompaniment that the actors can sing along with.  I’m doing this mostly to see I could and because why not.   I’m not quite sure what purpose my creative work really has since no one really cares but me.  Whatever.  Unfortunately, I can’t shake the feeling I’m doing something or everything wrong.    All that matters to me is that I write.  Having a presentation really does light a fire to get the writing done.   I do want to see the story and songs brought to life even if it is on a small scale.  I suppose, my imagination is where the grander scale can live for the time being.  I keep thinking about Emma Stone’s monologue in La La Land – I’m most likely one of those pipe dream people who should just let it go already but I can’t.  Or don’t want to.  I guess I’m ok being a loser forever.  I’ve accepted my fate.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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3 Responses to Just Because

  1. Marcelle Lean says:

    I am full of admiration of our persistance!!! The main thing here is that you satisfy yourself that you have done absolutely everything you could to share your great talent with others!!! Maybe the tide will turn in your favour one day… and you are not the only artist who prays for that day!!! All I acn say is good luck!!!

  2. Marcelle Lean says:

    I have been thinking of your word “failure”… On the contrary, it is a real accomplishment to persist in trying to blossom in a ruthless industry that is made of talent but also luck, being at the right place at the right time, money, rivalry,etc. So do not speak of failure but speak of an accomplishment in the art of wanting to share your talent with others even if your art is not “commercialized”. You are on the right path!!!

  3. Alex Lean says:

    Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement.

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