I have this grin that tells the world to not take the things I say and do seriously.  I am not entirely certain the reasoning behind the big smile that crosses my face every time I try to speak about something that matters. It’s especially strange because on the inside it seems as though despair and fear tend to reign.  I just wanted to put that out there.  Just in case I’ve ever said anything super serious but held a weird ass smile.  I guess it’s better than having a resting bitch face.  And perhaps it’s my attempt to avoid taking the despair and fear too seriously because when I do take them seriously it can be bad.

I’m feeling alright today.  I love the weekend.  Yesterday, I worked on Nobody’s Idol, I think I’m going to rename that show either Another Idle Story or Nobody’s Idle.  That show has changed and grown so much over the years.  I hope somehow someway it’ll be done enough to reach an audience.  I am looking forward to the lottery announcement of Fringe next week.  I submitted for the 60 minute time slot and if I get the opportunity to produce something again I will be producing Witch.  I know but I was just talking about Idol – I don’t know how I could do that one again but I submitted also to the Hamilton Fringe for the 90 minute and if I get that then I suppose I’ll attempt to do Idol again.  I might try to do a workshop or some sort of staged reading for Idol.  It would just most likely be too expensive to try to produce on my own even if I was able to raise the funds.  But I do believe I could raise the funds needed to put up Witch.  In my mind’s eye Witch is done – I just need time to write it which I guess would be now.  But my thoughts are all about Idol of late so I guess I’ll keep working on that.  At this point, I don’t really care what I write during my writing time as long as I write.

I like this song:

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