Who I Am

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Alexandra Lean is a playwright, producer, and lover of all things theatre. A graduate of Brock University’s Theatre program, she received the ‘F. Janet Doleman Prize in Playwriting’. Alexandra is an artist who struggles with mental illness but has crawled her way out from under the depths of her madness to create again. She has previously participated in two Toronto Fringe Festivals. The first time in 2013 with a musical she wrote called Nobody’s Idol and a second time in 2019 with a musical she co-wrote called Ghosted: The Musical. She also wrote and self-prodcued 2 workshop presentations of other musicals in 2018. One called Mimi and the Music and the other called Character Assassination. She would like to inspire people to keep creating no matter what, even if they aren’t the coolest cat in town, and to help their soul be at ease even through the smallest of creative endeavors.

I am a writer, a songwriter, a storyteller, an improviser, a musical enthusiast….

Over the years I’ve found a way to create the various inspirations that come through me.

I figured out how to write a couple of musicals.  I figured out how to put 2 different ones on a stage where people could like see them which I’m told is called producing.   I mostly figured out how to direct the one musical although it did feel like stumbling around in the dark for a light switch.  Or maybe it felt like standing on a wobbly stool trying to change a light bulb.  It was all terrifying and exhilerating.  It took so much effort, anxiety, inspiration, determination to do these things.   I believe that there is a benevolent Muse in the ether whispering ideas, jokes, lyrics, melodies, stories…etc.   This has been my writing experience when I write.  It feels as if I am taking dictation as best I can.  At this time the Muse is inspiring me in different creative ways.    Go here to see how she has inspired me in the past.