It’s been a year…

It’s been a year since the world shut down and I haven’t done much of anything. I haven’t written much and so I am attempting to get back in the habit by blogging about all the media I’ve consumed (at the behest of my mother). I doubt I’ll have to say anything new or original or different then anyone else who have seen the things I’ve seen but whatever. This will probably be filled with grammatical errors just because. K I did that last one on purpose – think my spelling should ok unless its one of those words like dual/duel. effect/affect – get those mixed up due to the touch of the dyslexia.

Where do I begin? Oh hey it’s St. Patty’s Day. Random obvious statements may happen on occasion.


There is a website I frequent called episode ninja and it has lists of the best and worst episodes which is how I’ve been able to dabble in various shows that I may not have given much attention to before. For example I’ve watched a couple episodes of the 2005 series Medium. I should mention that my favorite genre is fantasy – or anything with even a touch of a supernatual element – I’m in. Medium is one of those shows that I wanted to watch but never had time for in the past. I have to say out of all the series I’ve seen this one is pretty grounded and not as ham-handed as a show like Ghost Whisperer. Isn’t so dumb that it’s 2021 and I’m talking about shows from the early 2000s.

Medium (TV Series 2005–2011) - IMDb
10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Supernatural | The Nerd Daily

I have committed to watching the whole Supernatural series and am currently on season 9. I’ve noticed the ‘high concept’ shows are listed as ‘worst’ episodes. By ‘high concept’ I mean like when Dean went back in time to the 40s or that Ghostfacers episode. They also usually put the ones with a more comedic tone under ‘worst’. I tend to like those episodes best. Anything with monsters and that makes me laugh is good. My favorite character is Castiel. He was so funny when he first showed up and was trying be all human. This character is an angel. I do tend to get Sam and Dean mixed up because I was a big Gilmore Girls fan and so Sam used to be a Dean but not the Dean I’m talking about in Supernatural. I do think Dean and his casual sexism can be cringeworthy whilst watching from a 2021 perspective. Maybe as the seasons progress the character will change with the times – become less demeaning towards woman.


Brightburn (2019) - IMDb

I recently watched the movie Brightburn. It’s an origin story of a supervillain. It was good and I wondered if there was going to be more for this world. I suppose if this were a real, in-depth type of blog (as opposed to something to get me to start writing again) I’d actually do some research. I googled the writers and saw that they have a new series upcoming called Jupiter’s Legacy which seems to be about super-powered children so perhaps it’ll be connected to the movie. I’m so used to the Marvel cinematic universe that I sort of expect that from superhero stuff these days.

I guess that’s all she’ll write for today. Until next time.

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