MIME 1 sits at a desk with a basket of lemons and a juicer in front of him. He is furiously trying to make lemonade from the lemons in front of him. He does this with much difficulty. He cuts his finger and gets lemon juice in it and even gets some in his eye. MIME 2 is sitting in the cubicle next to him. She sits atop her desk cross legged. She is meditating and has her back to the massive pile of lemons next to her. She is really trying to concentrate on ignoring the great big pile of lemons but gets distracted but all of MIME 1’s huffing and puffing. She goes to his desk and gives him a piece of her mind. Her massive pile of lemons comes crashing down on both of them and they both scramble to pick them up. They fall, they get back up. Their pile of lemons get mixed up. At first they attempt to figure out which lemon belongs to who. Eventually they decide to work together.


The film ends with the shot widening to reveal different mime’s dealing with their lemons in various ways. Two mime’s are hurling lemons at each other. Another mime has a sledge hammer and is smashing the lemons. Someone is sweeping the lemons under the desk surreptitiously. Another is frantically dumping the contents of their wallet on the pile of lemons. The final shot is of the two original mime’s drinking the lemonade and then spitting it out cause it’s sour.


About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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