Yes and

Woo hoo!  I feel good.  I really needed to improvise again.  I know I could’ve just joined in but I like organizing shows.  I was a little worried because when I had booked the JCB I sorta just assumed classes would be letting out and there would be people wandering in.  But I guess it’s summer hours or whatever.  But I did actually have an audience.  A modest size but that just means more playing time.  We did a Harold and a montage.  I definitely know I was a little rusty but it felt good to let loose and have some fun.   I think I’ll do more of these at some point.  So improvisers beware.  I’m back and I’m wanting to play some more.

I also want to mention that my songwriting friend and I have been singing/playing at open mics.  I went to Dave’s and did an open mic of some songs from the various musicals I’m writing.  That was fun too.  It was a peculiar because the piano faces a wall I’m not used to having my back to the people I’m performing for the whole time.  But it was fine.  It was probably better not to see there faces anyway.  As a performer / singer I definitely want to get to the part where I can let loose and be able to express all the various emotions of the song to the fullest whilst also staying in key.  I do the best I can which is good enough for now.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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  1. Marcelle LEAN says:

    Alexandra I had a fun time. I enjoyed all the participants creativity!!! It is the first time (I know I missed a lot of your previous improv shows) that I saw you relaxed, having fun and enjoying what you do. Y ou are nicely maturing as a performer. So impressed by your presence on stage!!! Bravo!!!

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