A Writer’s Guide To Getting Sh!T Done

Oh wow I can’t believe I’m actually following through on this new years resolution I made to put up this show I’ve been working on.  The title is Character Assassination: A Writer’s Guide to Killing Your Literary Babies.  It’s happening at The John Candy Box Theatre on October 28th.  Check it out:


The purpose is a) continue on my creative journey to write and then put on the things I write so as to avoid them burning holes in my laptop and b) to raise funds for another musical I am working towards making a reality Mimi and the Music.  

Nothing lights a fire under you like firm deadline and/or the threat of public humiliation.  But I like this show.  I found a way to incorporate a lot of the work I’ve been working on these last couple years into a totally made up plot.  It’ll fun.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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