Make Plans and the Universe Laughs

I’m kind of pissed at the universe right now.  Mainly because I came up with a make shift plan to do the next Mimi and the Music suedo-production.  I told some people to make sure I stay accountable.  Never mind. Forget it.  I mean I was going to put my hat in the ring for Next Stage Festival but I don’t know.  I still might but I don’t know if I could really afford to do it even though it’s so many months away.  I was going to do a fundraiser show in October – I still might of this other musical I wrote called Character Assassination.  I have been writing like crazy this new/old story I’m calling 12 Steps which is an adaptation of 12 Dancing Princesses.  I wrote a song for it with Taylor Moore-O’Shea in the class that I take every other week.  I just gotta be satisfied with creating in my own little corner where it doesn’t matter if I’m supported or I get in to any fancy shmancy programs where everyone agrees that your work as a writer/artist type person matters to people other than you.  Whatevs.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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1 Response to Make Plans and the Universe Laughs

  1. Marcelle Lean says:

    Don’t get discouraged!!! Plow ahead all these difficulties… even if it is for your own satisfaction because in your equation there is the outside world of potential audience and the satisfaction you get in your creative talents. When you create a song, write a musical you do yourself a lot of good.
    Courage ma belle!!!

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