Happy 2017!  As always I have some resolution.  This blog started on an unfulfilled resolution to be in a musical but then I ended up discovering that I didn’t really want that.  What I really wanted was to write musicals and other kinds of stories.  I will continue that pursuit this year.

I really would like to do 2 staged readings in 2017.  The first one would ideally be in April and would be of Musical and I as well as the short piece I’ve written called Character Assassination: A Writer’s Guide to Killing Your Literary Babies.   The biggest obstacle in pursuing this goal will be of course funds.  I’ve saved some money so that I may be able to do something but I know its not enough to do something tremendously spectacular.  I’m too afraid of being rejected to apply for funds.  Hopefully I’ll get over that.  But for now the sting of rejection still dominates my insecurities and stops me from even considering that as an option.  “They won’t pick me” and “I’m just not good enough for them” are sentences that echoes throughout my mind constantly and I have no idea how to rid myself of these insecurities because all my efforts thus far have brought exactly that.  So I guess that leaves me to my own devices figure this thing out.

I also really, really do want to eat healthy and exercise regularly.  In order to do this I guess I gotta get off the couch.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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