I’ve written a lot this year.  I am so grateful to be reporting.  I have so many stories and songs I’d love to share and maybe 2017 will allow that to happen.  Here’s a taste of what I’ve been working on:

Musical and I

Mimi Maya Hamilton is 20-something barista with dreams of being in musicals.  The one big hiccup her anxiety problem.

Character Assassination: A Writer’s Guide to Killing Your Literary Babies, Literally

Allie Pike is driving out to the desert seemingly alone and yet not quite.  The title speaks for itself but just in case:  she is on a mission to rid herself of her literary babies.  So far it is a play with songs in it but I would say it’s musical but it’s pretty darn close.

Violet Love – Greatest Hits

Violet Love is a singer/songwriter living the dream and the nightmare.  This is a concept album which is a collection of her songs that tell her story.  She is inspired by Amy Winehouse.

Catalogue of Love

Joy McBride is a (newly) single mom who falls asleep watching the season finale of reality dating program Catalogue of Love.  Hilarity and mayhem ensues when she finds herself winning the man of every woman’s dreams.  Basically this show is about poking holes in the happily ever after image that is every where in a fun way.

Pet Project

Jemma Pebbles makes a wish that turns her cats into humans and her boss into a dog.

My Crazy Cat Lady

This is a half-hour sitcom about a lady and her cat who can talk and offers life advice to anyone who will listen.  Think ALF but with a cute cat.

The Diary of Mercy Bridgewood

This is part one of the saga I have been writing.  Mercy lives in 17th century and is a brilliant woman.  Sometimes this is a play, sometimes its a short story.


This is part two of the saga I have been writing.  This is definitely a play or a screenplay.  At this point Mercy is trapped in her diary and is released and possesses the actress who plays her, Jenny.

Witch TV Series

This part three or could stand alone from the rest.   Harrison Hughes Jr has moved to L.A. to pursue his dream of being a famous movie director but he inadvertently unleashes an evil witch on Hollywood that keeps messing up his shoots.  Or enhances it?

Anyway those are my literary babies.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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