Bad Rap

Every day I do something for my passion for writing.  Every day I spend hours of thinking about all the ways in which I’m going to make my stories, characters and songs come to life.   I found myself remarking today that being a so called writer is like being invited to this really cool party that a) no one can see but you and b) (most offensively) no one cares about but you.  And because the party is so much fun you want to share it with other people but the more you talk about it the more crazy you sound.  Oh well.

Here’s all the stuff I’ve been doing this summer:

Last week I started taking this class at The Second City Training Centre called Yes Yes Y’All which is a rap / beat boxing class. The class is taught by PHATT al.  It is really fun and challenging at the same time.  It’s tough to think fast like that.  Plus, it’s been about a year since I took an improv class of any kind.

The initial purpose for taking this class is to help me get into the mind-frame of this one song I am attempting to write for The Musical and I.   The song comes towards the end of the musical and Mimi Maya Hamilton the main character battles her Panic and I want it to be in rap form.

This morning I had a piano lesson with Anita Beaty.  It’ll be the last one of the summer.  I am learning how to play on piano this song I wrote called 12 Steps (To Get Over You).

These past couple Sundays I’ve been meeting with Murray Foster for an hour each week to work on either scripts or songs.   The initial purpose of this was to work on the songs in Musical and I so I could do a staged reading in October but I’ve since changed my mind. This past Sunday we talked about an old favorite Witch.  I told him all about the story I’d written.  The thing about this story is that it sounds and feels like a novel but I’ve never written a novel and part of the excitement for this story would be seeing how in the world it could come to life.  We landed on TV series.  I am going to attempt to write it as a novel and would like to take a novel writing class and I am also going to develop it as a TV series.  This party is so much fun in an evil kind of way I really hope I get the chance to share it in a way that allows others to partake in my fun.  The Sunday before that we did talk about the story for Musical and I. 

I’ve been reading a lot.  I’ve spent the majority of my time reading All You Need to Know About the Music Business.  It’s the 2012 edition so I’m not entirely sure how much has changed and the most recent one wasn’t available at the library or was taken out.  I’m hoping that just by reading the text I’ll absorb all the knowledge because it’s all numbers and percentages and really important information I really ought to remember if only I had a mind for this kind of thing.  I’ve also been reading Joseph Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces.   This one is super interesting but I’ll wait for the movie lol.  I could stay awake.  I really want to be smart about these things but it was too difficult.  I also read at the same time Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris – now this was a book I could really sink my teeth into.  I took out a book called The World in Six Songs and read the first paragraph and I really want to read the rest of it but I don’t think I’m going to.  But I could I still have a couple more days before I gotta return it.  I don’t understand why I take out so many books at the same time I couldn’t possibly need them all it just feels nice to walk out of the library with a stack of books.  Sigh, I guess this is my life.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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1 Response to Bad Rap

  1. Marcelle Lean says:

    Love how you work so hard to develop your passion,.. You sound like a sculptress, a painter, any artist getting her hands into the matter and morphing it. From my point of view it looks wonderful, so creative, so exciting… I have faith in you!!! As for the books you are like everybody else, our eyes and ambitions are bigger than our real needs. When I am choosing DVD in a store, I go with one title and I come out with 10 DVDs when I can afford to buy them. Same for books or magazines!!! It just means we have an open mind with a great appetite for what we love!!!

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