Fool’s Paradise

This is what I did today:


It had music with it but who knows where that went.

I’ve been thinking a lot about actually recording my songs.  What a thought?  I have so many creative goals and ideas that deserve a chance to grow.  I guess I just gotta keep writing.  I’m also doing research on animation.  Because music and animation just kind of make sense to me.  I mean I don’t plan on animating anything but I want to see if there’s some affordable someone who could make a Take On Me type video for one of my songs.  Someone asked me innocently enough if I expect to make money from my creative endeavors.  That’s a dicey question because if you say no then that means you don’t believe in yourself, your projects enough.  Then if you say yes you’re living in a fool’s paradise.  So I guess I choose to live in a fool’s paradise.  I would love to make a dime or two or three or more from these creative projects.  I would love this production company to be the real thing.  Maybe someday.  Just gotta keep writing.  I like to think that maybe I’m like that Stan Lee of musicals where 100 years from now (cause isn’t that how old he is) A.L.P. will be like Marvel.  I know fool’s paradise – that’s where I live.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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