Fever Pitch

I have been sick all week.  I had a really bad sore throat, fever and just groggy.  I did not feel like I was myself well my new high functioning happy self that I make sure to bring out into the world of late.  But I was still able to keep up with appearances for the most part while silently battling with my anxieties.

Anyway I turned that Astronaut poem from the other day into a song during the music lesson I take with Murray Foster at the Toronto School of Songwriting.  He says he might sing it at this event tomorrow afternoon at The Black Swan from 1pm to 3pm.  He said no guarantees that he’ll sing it.

Here are the lyrics as of late:

I will never be
An astronaut
So why would I
Look at the sky
I will never walk
Among the stars
Throw away that hope
And this telescope
I will never give these dreams a second thought
Cuz I’ll never be an astronaut
I will never go
Up to the moon
So why would I
Dare to try
All these dreams I have
They pass me by
So I close the door
And dream no more
I should never give these dreams a second thought
Cuz I’ll never be an astronaut
Dreams burn brighter than the sun
Dreamers have to dream on
I will never be
an astronaut
All my dreams are found
Here on the ground
But these dreams I have
They’re mine alone
So I will build
A spaceship of my own
Cuz these dreams I have/ they’re all I got
So some day I’ll be an astronaut
Yeah one day I’ll be an astronaut

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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1 Response to Fever Pitch

  1. Marcelle Lean says:

    I love the lyrics of the song Alexandra!!! They are so beautiful, rhythmic and touching!!!! I hope you feel better!!!

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