Timing is everything.  But I haven’t got the time.  I’m always late.  But I can change that.  I’m working on changing.  Its true I often see the end before I see what my next steps should be.  It’s a tricky balance seeing the lighthouse and yet not being that close to it.  I spent this evening practicing with a metronome.  A tedious task that I must get if I am to improve my songwriting abilities.  Because being a songwriter is no use if you can’t sing your songs.  How did I ever write an entire musical without knowing the fundamentals?  I constantly have to go back to the beginning and relearn what I thought I already learned but apparently didn’t.  I’m ok with that.  I am mastering the art of time – even though a couple of blog posts ago I was cursing it, I am now revering it.  I love time.  Time loves me.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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