Independent Study

I’ve been wanting to go back to school since I had my first taste of the real world of not doing what you’re completely and totally passionate about for a living.  But you know the whole money thing and the only thing I would want to continue to study is more of the thing I went to school for theatre or television or music or film or improv comedy.  You know all the fun things in life which are completely unrealistic life plans.  SO I have come up with what feels like a brilliant plan to me in this moment.  I am going to treat each and every musical and/or play, screenplay, tv series I am writing as if they are independent studies.   The only downside to this idea is there won’t be like a certificate/degree or whatever at the end that says you are awesome for spending all this money to be the thing you want to be. The upside is that a) I don’t have to wait to get in to some swanky program, I can start now and b) I am hoping I won’t have to spend as much money and c) I will have completed musicals, plays, screenplays and the like.  I will of course need teachers for the various subjects.  I am looking for them now.  I am so excited about this.  Because it means that I don’t have to like quit the day job or become some sort of destitute recluse or whatever the fear keeps blathering on about.  I mean, yes, my ego not so secretly hopes that all these wonderful world’s brought forth in plays, musicals, screenplays will be made real onstage and screen and then lead to gazillions of dollars.  Hey the universe is listening and so I’m just putting that vibe out there because I wouldn’t want law of attraction to think I am too good for that that stuff or anything. But I know those material desires are not that important in the end.

For semester number one of the Alex Lean School for the Gifted I want to find 1 teacher charged with the task of music and another teacher charged with the task of story/character.  I shall take an elective in stand up comedy and my extra curricular activities will of course consist of improvisation.  Just writing about it makes me feel better about the way of life.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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