Hello! From the Other Side

Yup.  The universe makes a fool out of me, yet again. And all the rest of us hopefuls who didn’t get the opportunity to do our shows.  Damn.  I am so prepared – I gotta a friggin’ business plan and ideas about how to do this show I’ve been working up.  It coulda been so good.  Maybe something will happen for me and the hope for getting my work up at some point in my lifetime.  I pray something will come together soon-ish.  This year, maybe next.  That’s the problem with acting like you have the things you want now – you kind of want those things to take shape like now.  I don’t think I’m going out tonight.  Going to watch some super hero show where some strong and powerful woman kicks ass and gets what she wants in the end.  Sigh.

I watched the Amy Winehouse documentary earlier this week.  And I just loved that song Love is a Losing Game – which is kind of how I feel about hope and belief and things sometimes (oftentimes).  Anyway I wanted to post it cause I just love that song. (I know I’m like so many years too late to jump on the Amy Winehouse band wagon – ugh – well you know what I mean)

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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