Idle Idol

I’ve been writing and rewriting Nobody’s Idol.  K so first up new log-line:

The God of fame descends upon the earthly plane making for a strange sort of reality competition where both judges and contestants must compete for a lifetime supply of fame.

The main character is “Fame”.  This character is a lot like The Mask (remember that Jim Carey movie).  The character of Fame is very mischievous and audacious.  Backstory time:  Fame was banished for his mischievousness in a cave and is awoken by a new character called Fame’s Apprentice.  Once awoken, Fame takes over the world and thus that is why the world as we know it today is obsessed with being famous.  It’s kind of like the endgame of the villain in the movie The Mummy, except the all powerful Fame is kind of fun and colorful.

The other thing to know about rewrite is that Nobody’s Idol is now a series of shorter plays and each play focuses on a different judge or contestant.  There is an overarching narrative.

New songs I am working on for this new direction:  

  1. A song called “Welcome to the 21st Century” – the hope this that this will explain the above back-story but in a show don’t tell kind of way.

    There’s more but it requires so much explanation.   

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