The Divorcée

I went to see Anne Marie Scheffler‘s new comedy show MILF Life Crisis.  I thought it great because Anne Marie took a sensitive topic for her and turned into comedy.  I love how comedians can just put themselves out there like that.  I also enjoyed all the different characters she played.  This was the last night of the previews at the Red Sandcastle Theatre in the east end.   But lucky for you dear readers she’s doing another one October 1st, Cravingz, 106 Walton, Port Hope, Ontario.  Go!

Anyway the reason I wrote the above is because I am inspired by Anne Marie’s ability to put together one person shows.   I’ve seen a lot of the shows she’s helped others put together.  I’m inspired to, possibly, take a non traditional approach to my next show: My Big Fat Jewish Christmas.  It seems like maybe at first I should just perform it as a one person show even though it is a full on play with a bunch of different characters.  But I don’t consider myself an actor, nor do I want to be anymore.  I know acting isn’t my raison d’etre anymore.  It’s the writing and then the seeing the vision being realized onstage that really gets me to do this.  And sure of course, being onstage is definitely thrilling.  It’s like being on a roller coaster for me.  But, I definitely prefer being the sculptor.  The standing on the outside and figuring out what the scene, the character, the song needs to make it feel just right.  But I do dabble in the performance arts here and there.  And it is very exciting and all.  And I for sure know in my heart of hearts the only reason I’m considering doing the holiday show (at first) as a solo act is because it’s the most cost effective thing I could think of.  I kind of see it as, well, I heard that when Quenten Tarantino finishes a script he reads it aloud to someone and reads all the characters.   That’s what I would be trying to do if I were to do the holiday show (at first!) as a solo show.  So I could figure out where all the good parts really are from the inside the sculpture so that when I get the chance to be on the outside I’ll know what the person doing the acting knows.  But I don’t know.  Because my show although it’s loosely based on real life events its mostly fictional.  Solo shows are probably better when they are more personal.  Of course it could just be inviting people over and me being eccentric in front of them, awkwardly.  Nah but I don’t want to do it like that.  I want to at least try to make it a real show.  But to me a real show is like with people other than myself inhabiting the world in which I created.  It’s frustrating that it takes so much to get to the part where that happens.  Anyway maybe I could just think of this solo version of the Holiday show as Phase 1.  Phase 2 will be a reading with actors.  Phase 3 a low-no budget production.  Phase 4 a low-so-so production?  Phase 5 Tom Hanks ditches Nia Vardalos and jumps on this band wagon all the way to the bank.   is a so-so-high production. And on it goes. until my bank account explodes as opposed to implodes.


Anyway, I don’t really do reviews so I guess this means you should go see Anne Marie Scheffler’s show.  

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