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I love how I think after a week of improvising.  I’m back into my day to day routine of normalcy but my mind just keeps seeing the ways in which this moment if on stage would kill.  But since it’s not the dramatic irony is killing me.  (I still after all these years don’t get irony – I guess – if I saw it).   But this blog post is going to be about the scenes I was in back in Chicago during my vacation.    I am going to do another post about the scenes that I saw.

The one scene I think about a lot is the exercise we did was a 2 person scene where one of the two has to start the scene with the word ‘I love you’.  Knowing that this was the first line, I implored my scene partner (Taylor) to say it.  This was good because he took the bait of not giving me what I wanted and he silently took the stance that we was not going to be the first to say ‘I love you’.  This was so much fun to play as the silence grew but we both knew what we were supposed to do.  But eventually, I caved and was the first to say it.  The big question during this scenes to the audience was what is the relationship of these characters?  In my mind it was siblings but it could’ve easily been a romantic relationship or any kind of relationship.  I probably said the sibling thing because that’s what it ended up being. 

I keep thinking about this other scene I was.  It was a group scene of about 5 people.  The suggestion was: the declaration of independence.  In my mind there are two versions of this scene.  The scene that actually took place and the scene in my mind’s eye.  I know I didn’t commit enough to the idea brewing in my brain so it for sure didn’t come through except in this one moment.  So, the scene started with the people stating which historical figure they were about to sign.  I only know the basics of that historical event so I decided it would be fun to play the character who almost ruined this historical event by delivering the news to the king.  In the actual scene, I didn’t really say anything pertaining to what I was thinking or I think I second guessed that idea and said I was a child.  But there was one moment when the people in the scene were done signing the declaration of independence it was handed to me (imaginarily of course) and I said: “Well, I guess I’ll bring this to the King.”  This moment was fun for me because the look of outrage on the rest of the people in the scene was priceless.  That was so much fun.

That’s all I wanted to say.  I’m sure there are more scenes I could write about but it’s the weekend and I’m going to go do weekend type things.

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