It’s been so long

I haven’t written in any of my blogs of late.  Haven’t seen much point to it since I’m mainly just working.  I am still writing towards a self imposed September 1st deadline.  However this self imposed deadline doesn’t feel like any different than all the others.  I feel like I’ll never accomplish any of high fluting goals.  Who was I to even bother dreaming at all?  That’s my mind set these days as I work shift after shift at the various jobs I maintain.  Maybe it’s all the rain that’s got me down.  However I usually like the rain cause it makes me think of all the songs about rain:  Singin’ in The Rain; I’m Only Happy When It Rains; Madonna’s Rain; then I think of all these Our Lady Peace songs because the guys name is Raine who sings them.  But lately the rain has just been high lighting my predominant mood.  I don’t even know what the purpose of me writing this little post is all about.  That’s the other thing I’ve been thinking about: purpose.  It would seem that I have none.  I think this because I read in a bunch of places that when you have one you supposedly feel good about your life.  Anyway that’s what’s on my mind.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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