Peter and the Starcatcher

I went to NYC this weekend!  It was so much fun.  I only got to see 1 broadway show and that was: Peter and the Starcatcher.  It was great.  It was the story of Peter Pan retold from the very beginning.  How he got his name and how ‘hook’ or Black Stache got his hand cut off.  In terms of story it was very neat and interesting.  But if I were going to be critical then I would say tone those puns down a notch.  Seriously there was a good 20 minutes when Black Stache lost his hand where it was nothing but puns like ‘he single handedly…’.  As hilarious and clever as they were after awhile I think I had an overdose of cleverness.  Other than that, it was fun and I loved how connected the cast was and the whole rope thing with the setting up various locations.  Reminded me of improv but obviously it was written.

It was such an ensemble show so dare I say that it starred Christian Bole (the guy from Smash who plays the composer).   My friend Gabriel and I got his and the rest of the casts autographs after the show.    I was also impressed that Christian Bole actually came out and signed autographs.  I sorta had love fest which I’m totally embarrassed about and told him how I was writing a musical and the show Smash was really inspiring. I did mean it even though after I said it I wanted to vomit.  I was impressed that we were actually able to have full conversations with some of the actors.   We had actual conversations with: Carson Elrod (about improv, anytime I ever talk to any ‘theatre’ person they always bring up this one guy who I forget his name who does improv and is from Canada, I really want to meet this guy now) and the guy with awesome beard, I think it was Kevin Del Aguila but I forget.  I think we talked about Stratford or something.  I also go autographs from Celia Keenan-Bolger, Adam Chanler-Berat (he looked uncomfortable/nervous signing), Arnie Burton (we also talked to this guy), Isaiah Johnson and Teddy Bergman.  I think as in I got them to sign on the front cover instead of by their picture inside the program.  It’s always a tough call where to get them to sign.  Do I want to know who’s signing or do I want to be able to display my signed programs in a picture frame one day?  The dilemma’s we broadway fans face.

Oh yeah I also had lunch at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.  It was fun.  They should serve brunch all day though (that’s my only complaint).  We heard songs from Grease 2, Seussical, Mandy Moore’s Only Hope, Cher’s Turn Back Time, Moulin Rouge.  My friend got to sing a long to one of the songs, I didn’t know that song so I did not.

Anyways that’s my Broadway story for this year.  I pray one day Nobody’s Idol will be on one of those New York stages but we’ll see.  Someday…

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