On its feet

I’ve written 2 and a half songs for my musical “Nobody’s Idol”.  I can’t say if they are any good.  The part of me that hates everything I write thinks its awful.  The other part says that they’re not done yet.  It’s the part that knows that this is like one of those process things and that it will get better if I keep working on them.  I do want these songs to be good.  And yes some of the lyrics might be a little forced but that can be changed.  Once I think of something better.

Still, looking for a director for my 15 minute staged reading that happens in June.  Only a couple weeks away.  I’m kind of just messaging people on facebook and asking them if they know anyone.  The more logical thing to do would be to post something on my facebook status about it but that’s too scary. Who knows who could answer? I would prefer a recommendation from people I sorta kinda know instead of some random person.  Even though I’m sure random people have their strengths, too.

It’s totally terrifying but I’m excited to finally get something on its feet and talking back.  Even if it turns out not to be the master piece I like to think I’m writing.

I now have big plans for this project as is what always happens when I spend time on any of my projects.  They seem a little bit more attainable than before now that I actually have pages to work with.  Big plans are always kind of dangerous.  So I like to think I’m watching my step carefully.

I like to think I’m pretty open to suggestions (that are good and helpful).  I don’t necessarily want suggestions that are going to change absolutely everything written.  I want suggestions that will build onto what I’ve already got.  So I guess that’s the kind of director I’m looking for.  The other day someone said that writer’s simply write a blueprint for the director.  Although, I can agree with tiny portion of that way of thinking.   I was very offended because this person implied that it was all about the director and the writer was basically irrelevant.  I have a feeling that this particular person would not provide helpful suggestions.   I hope to avoid this kind of director.  I want a director who will work with me on this.  So here’s hoping I find someone good.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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