I’m just about ready for this reading.  As in I got the script almost ready.  Still working on that song I’d like to have ready for it.  I have a bit of something.  Not sure if it’s any good.  I always do that.  I always apologize for my creativity.  Never mind that, cause that was the old me, all that I write is brilliant.  Being confident does not come easily to me.  Someday it might.  Anyway, an update: I’ve been learning how to compose music.  I got a keyboard that I can plug into my computer which has helped a lot.  I have half a song for one of the characters.  I’m still unclear about a lot of the details.  Like when my reading is and who will direct and/or read some of the parts.  It’d be nice to attend the auditions they’re holding, to see.  Since I don’t have a director yet.  I’ve asked some people to read so hopefully they’ll be available on this date that has still yet to be determined.  It’ll get figured out.  I just hope in the end my work comes through.  I have a scene with each of the main characters but 15 mins isn’t enough time to delve into each and every story-line. I skim the surface of each.  But then again this is the beginnings of a musicals it doesn’t have to be the entire thing.  Anyways…that’s the update on that.

I heard from this random friend who wants to help me produce it.  I don’t actually know this person, we met once.  I think this person might think I can help make this person’s film.  I cannot.  Did I mention I serve coffee for a living?  I am weary of people who offer me things.  I always suspect foul play.  Where’s the poison in this apple?  Or maybe it was just talk as we artists and self-proclaimed entrepreneurs love to do.

I’ve been sorta doing the vocal exercises but it’s just like when I said I’d workout regularly.  I do the breathing part and the jaw massage.  I haven’t practiced the choreography for my long forgotten one woman show.  But they’ll be time for that when I’m done Nobody’s Idol.  I hope to produce/make this show happen at one of those festivals.  We’ll see, cause of the whole money thing and not having enough of it for absolutely everything.

I’m going to New York the weekend of June 29th.  I still gotta book my flight and hotel and check out what’s what.  I’m going for the Del Close Marathon but as usual I’d like to see some musicals.  I’d also like to go one of the museums I missed last time.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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