I have no idea who is going to direct my little staged reading of Nobody’s Idol. I’ve asked around but haven’t really heard anything definitive from anybody.

I want to work more on the script tonight but procrastination is calling my name.  It’s saying I worked really hard this week and to take a much need break and watch a million hours of Bones and/or Jem.  Also, I went to see a great place yesterday and was about ready to get the cheques together but then it got rented.

I have this awful feeling that my work is almost good.  Like, I’m almost good but not quite.  If only, I could take myself out of the equation my work and perhaps my life would just be that much better.  But then I guess it wouldn’t be my work (or my life), now would it.  It’d be somebody else’s.  And wouldn’t that just be grand.

Ok I swear I’m going to go write and not watch TV.  But I have a good start as in I have all the scenes I need to fill the time but it’s only ok.  Oh and I’ll be working on that song.  For which I need to buy that keyboard.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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