I’m a new person.  Or at least in a couple of weeks I’ll be living a brand new life.  A new apartment.  A new voice coach.  Both these things are unclear.  I’m looking.  This can seem at times to be a setback just because at the beginning of the year I had thought by now this one woman show would be well underway.  It seems to be constantly under construction and reconstruction.  The only real thing I have are some dance routines.  I thought by now I’d have a couple of songs prepared.  But I got side tracked by that audition workshop that was supposed to help me get into a musical.  I feel like I’m constantly at square one.  Always starting from the beginning never, ever reaching the end.  But I guess like those positive things I’ve been listening to ‘You can never get it done and you can never get it wrong’.  I guess that’s supposed to be helpful.  I just feel like there’s so much on that to do list.  It’s hard to be focused cause I want to do everything.

  1. Find an apartment by May 1st or earlier
  2. Work on Nobody’s Idol and really figure out what the story is and how it all fits
  3. Get movers
  4. Find a new voice coach
  5. Make enough money to afford new apartment, utilities and all these coaches a.k.a. go to work
  6. Pack
  7. Be better at improv and go to practice / shows
  8. Clean car
  9. Be better at singing in a choir and go to practice / show (can you call church a show?)
  10. Find a better job
  11. Seek out people to do that play-reading in June
  12. Figure out cable/internet – I dread those phone calls
  13. I’d really like to go on a trip somewhere
  14. Change cellphone plan to be cheaper
  15. I’d really like to do an improv intensive somewhere
  16. I need to buy a bed
  17. Oh yeah work on that song and collaborate with that girl
  18. Read that book on songwriting ‘6 steps to songwriting success’
  19. Practice dances on a stage somewhere
  20. Be more focused at work and try to hear what people say the first time they say it instead of 3 times later a.k.a try not to be so stupid (I’m smart)
  21. Put videos on the blog using imovie.
  22. Be better in general
  23. Make sure apartment can fit very comfy couch if not than try to sell it again.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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