The Idea

I had an idea today!  Or maybe it was just a connection from idea to the how it could be possible to do such a thing.  Ok so remember how a couple of months ago the whole plan was to like post some video of my process on here.  Just until I was ready to like to perform this in front of like actual people instead of virtual non existent viewers who most likely don’t even exist.  Well since I now have updated my software I can start using imovie again or even garage band to post stuff on here (potentially).  I haven’t tested it out yet.  I’m a little afraid to, I kind of just want to enjoy this feeling of ‘oh yeah I can do the stuff I want’.  But assuming all works out.  The plan would be to capture ‘I Gotcha!’ and me singing one of the numbers.  At this moment all my ‘dreams’ and projects seem so possible.  I don’t want reality to come rushing in at any moment and pull the rug from underneath me again.  Maybe it won’t this time.

In other news, Nobody’s Idol is going well.  Yesterday during the writing workshop someone said the play was (or was it could be) like Marat Sade meets Christopher Durang.  I guess I should read the first reference since I’d only heard about it before cause this girl I worked with last year was in it.  I went to the library this afternoon but then there was this whole debacle about late fees.  Those librarians sure do take late fees seriously…it was like I’d missed child support payments or something.  I couldn’t deal…I had to bail.  Anyway, the play is still really confusing about how to make all the ideas make sense but I feel like I could maybe/possibly have a piece worth presenting.  I really hope I don’t sabotage it this time around.  Our homework for the next 2 weeks is to a) send the guy everything I’ve written on the play which is actually a lot and 2) figure out exactly what the story is and plot outline and what you want to say and why.   I was proud of myself I worked on the first thing earlier today.  There’s so much.  I guess I must’ve taken the writing is rewriting thing a little overboard.  Hopefully this project is nearing completion.  Nearing the producing and making it happen part which is the whole bloody point of theatre in the first place.  I need to start also thinking about casting for the reading.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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