Maybe unhappiness in the workplace is just status quo, I found myself thinking today.  I have yet to land that job that I feel good about.  Except for that one week but even then I don’t know if that was happy or if it was too busy to really give it much thought.  Is that all one can ever hope for in the workplace – too busy to think about it?  I’m very confused about the whole thing.  I get annoyed with working as a Barista.  When I was a kid I was a.d.d. and I suppose it carries over into adulthood but the thing is the job is a.d.d.  I can never complete an action or a sentence without it being interrupted by another completely separate thought or action.  Or is a.d.d. another word for multi-tasking?  Boy oh boy do I wish that I could answer every question and do every action all at the same time but that’s the thing with the way the world works.  You can literally do one thing at a time…even if you are doing each thing in quick succession.  I wish more people understood that.  I wish I had a better memory.  The quick succession thing would be better if I could remember what all the things were better.  Sometimes I literally feel myself going cross-eyed as 2 people ask me for something at the same time.

They say God is in the details.  But what happens when all those details get confused and mixed up?  Then it’s like these ‘small things’ that shouldn’t really be that important in the grand scheme of things all of a sudden become these huge integral part of the entire day.   Like, for example, this lady owned a personal (her own) grande (medium) cup but asked for a tall and so I made a tall in the number of shots but – oh the horror – filled the cup all the way to the top instead of to where the tall would be and she yelled at me and spoke to me like I was the biggest idiot in the whole wide world.  It’s reactions like these that make me concerned for the human race.  Why is less than a centimeter of milk so important to this lady?  In my brain I thought more was better. And the funny thing is in that kookie brain of hers I’m the crazy one. So, it would seem as though these details are simply there to terrorize me day in and day out.

Kerfuffle is a word I like to use to describe a typical workday.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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