Technology has foiled me yet again

I thought I had reinstalled Garageband and my dreams of really getting started on writing/arranging the songs for my own woman show were going to get underway.  But alas I was deceived.  I had a great day yesterday.  I thought I had accomplished so much: laundry, some creative coaching, some light affordable shopping and a trip to the Apple Store to re-install all the tools needed to really get things happening.  But then again maybe not so productive and forward moving as I had once thought.  I am back to square one.  No Garageband I guess they installed the wrong one and it doesn’t work.  So I’ve made another appointment for tomorrow at 2pm to hopefully once and for all get this thing happening.  I feel bad.  I wanted my one woman show to be well en route by now.  But alas…foiled again by the niceties of  customer service.  Oh well.  At least I got that shift covered for Monday night – I’m meeting with the writing group to work on Nobody’s Idol.  At least something’s happening with that.  And I’m singing in the choir all weekend, plus rehearsing with the improv group and then performing on Tuesday at Clinton’s.  A lot’s happening yet I still want more.  Nothing seems to get done or finished.  Worked on some ‘lame’ self esteem stuff which I need if I’m ever going get some real confidence.  Ok, so the rule is every time I say a negative thing about myself I have to say the exact opposite right after.  Today hasn’t been so bad.  Today was great.  Ooo and my ticket for Oprah’s Lifeclass in Toronto has finally arrived.  I’m really excited about that.


So it turns out I’m the idiot (I’m very smart) because as soon as I showed someone the problem it was as if it wasn’t there to begin with.  Garageband is up and running.  I worked on the Britney Spears Medley.  But I can’t send it to the choreographer because the file is to big.  But then again someone sent me a similar file before so I know that it is possible just gotta figure out how.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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