I’m single again which can only mean one thing my career must be gearing up for a big take off.  I have noticed whenever my personal relationships take a turn for the worst all the other things in my life like career and finances become infinitely better.  So here’s hoping that this supposed disaster is just making way for a triumphant return (or introduction rather) to the stage.  I love being over dramatic about this.  It’s fun until I actually start to take the drama too seriously.  Oh well, better luck next time I suppose.

I worked more on my one woman show this morning.  As in I worked on 2 songs.  I have lyrics.  The melody kind of sucks and is really annoyingly repetitive but I’m too afraid to branch out in any other direction for fear that the song will collapse onto itself.  Oh well hopefully once I can meet up with some musically inclined individuals they can make it better.

I want to write a bit about what I want my one woman show to be.  I’d like it to be a musical (in case that wasn’t clear from the title).  I pretty much want it to be an ongoing song with talky bits in between but mostly song – the same way Rent is structured (obviously completely different subject matter and not as long).  I want to somehow work in my favorite musical numbers like: I Gotcha; Put on a Happy Face; Get Happy (maybe); Ring Them Bells; Diva’s Lament.  I want their to be a part where I mix that song Coffee Break from How to Succeed in Business with I’m the Greatest Star which is pretty much how I sometimes feel while working these days.  Or write a song that is inspired by that.  A Britney Spears medley or write a Britney type number. Something about Julie Andrews but I can’t think of what.  I want to write a song about the time I had my chinese horoscope read and the guy told me nothing would ever come from my writings or performing and that my peak creative years had passed and that I would eventually go into importing and exporting (I mean seriously?).  I want to write a song about how I’m so apologetic all the time.  I really, really want to have a part where I fight vampires even if it’s for 2 seconds.  I want backup dancers and a chorus and I want to write a scene where they all revolt against me possibly turning into vampires and bringing about an apocalypse that can only be defeated by song.  And I guess that’s about it.  That’s the general idea anyways.  I hope it isn’t too boring or self indulgent but well if I’m never going to have any of the things I want, I might as well write myself a show that has everything I’ve always wanted to be and do…so at least I can say on my death bed that I did and even if it was only for a one brief flop of a moment. I’d say the only thing missing is that big kiss at the end with some really hot guy with a (sense of humor) tan.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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