New York

I want to visit New York so badly.  There are so many musicals/plays I’d really like to see.    The following is a list of plays/musicals I would like to see in order of interest:

  1. Freud’s Last Session — I almost saw this last summer but I was there for such a short amount of time that I didn’t get around to it.
  2. Carrie the musical – just to see what it’s like
  3. Seminar with Alan Rickman – the plot of the play intrigues me
  4. How to Succeed In Business…-well, I would want to see the musical anyway but I love Harry Potter too so it’s win-win
  5. Phantom of the Opera – I never saw it so…hasn’t everyone seen it but me so I want to see it
  6. Silence! The Musical – looks stupid/funny
  7. The Columnist – I like John Lithgow
  8. The Best Man – I love Angela Lansbury
  9. End of the Rainbow – sounds interesting
  10. Spider-man – it’s so low on the list because I listened to the soundtrack and imagined my own staging so I feel like I already saw it

Anyway no real plans to go to New York this summer.  But we’ll see.  There’s still time.

Also I’ve been watching Smash (no surprise there) but Katherine Mcphee looks really bad in that blonde wig.

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