Emotional Grid

I am filling up my emotional grid with statements that make me feel good, instructs the law of attraction youtube video.  Ok so…I am looking forward to feeling good.  I love the track I’m on and I’m eager for it to become more.  And I know that it will.  I’ve been doing a good job and I realize it’s simpler than I made it out to be.  It’s all getting easier and better for me and I know that the outcome will be good.  I am feeling more and more vibrant and inspired as the days go by.  All those old cliches are long gone.  I have lots of ideas.  I am good enough to write them.  I can. I can. I can.  I will.  I will. I will.   I’m eager to see where my life goes now that I am aware of what I don’t want and what I do want.  I feel good.  I feel better than good.  I feel better than great.  I feel colossally lovely.  This is so embarrassing . whatever just go with it. It’s all good.

Ok, Ok. Updates:

  • I worked on some of the song ‘The Musical and I’ today.  It’s better.
  • Still need to get GarageBand – tomorrow.  Whole day off to go to the mall and face the apple store.
  • Still, need to work on those scenes for Nobody’s Idol
  • I started a new blog/website on a whim…ok so it’s called Celebrity Dream Dictionary and it’s a list of all celebrities and what it means to have dreamt about them…with stupid funny reasons/explanations.  I got it all started but then chickened out about posting any of the “jokey stuff” I wrote…it’s probably not funny anyway…grrr…anyway this was inspired by a dream I had which had Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth in the dream…so it was like an award show and they were both making speeches about they’re costars and for some reason I was co-staring with Idina Menzel in something and she kept complaining about me and how I awful I was and then Kristen was praising whoever her costar was.  It was kind of a heartbreaking dream but oh well.
  • I also had a dream about crocodiles/alligators
  • Meeting with ‘choreographer’ Friday to work on dances
  • Gotta look for back up dancers.
  • Creative coaching got rescheduled to next week.
  • Got a job interview sometime this week just don’t know when.
  • Feel good.  Feel great.  Every little thing is just peachy.  (Except for the things that are not but just gotta ignore those things in order to start feelin’ good)

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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