Turns out I’m sicker than I thought because I almost vomited on the audition panel.  The important thing is that I didn’t.  It was close call…for them.  Midway through the song I felt dizzy and heard a ringing noise in my ear and saw – what’s that called when everything looks like bad tv reception – snowy?.  Anyways, the audition was basically over at that point but they were asking me about my availability and I answered the questions wearily because I was also debating whether or not I should tell them to look out or not.  But now I’m worried (if I’m being considered for a part) that they might think I answered wearily because of the scheduling discussion.  I will have improv shows on Tuesday night – same night as rehearsal – but sorry team love you but wanting to do this musical thing for awhile so I’d pick musical.  But I’m not sure I made that clear with the hazy vision and ear ringing.  I also didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want them to think that I feel vomit-ous and/or faint-y every time I sing a note.  So I just answered the questions as best I could and then got out.  I walked half a block the wrong way before I threw up.  Just kidding – I just wrote that for dramatic effect.

I read for the part of Jenna.  I thought I would read for Liz but then I read the sides, I  enjoyed Jenna’s scene the best.  Sookie’s scene was a close second mainly because of the 3-way relationship thing.  Jessica is too young for me.  Even though I enjoyed Liz’s scene – I thought I could deliver Jenna better.  I filled out the sheet – the last question was which character would you switch lives with and why – or something to that effect.  I said Jenna because I wish I could be as unabashedly self-indulgent as she is and still be likable.  The only reason I would want to be Sookie is because of the love triangle with Bill/Eric but then Jason would be my brother which would be no good.  Jason would be the only reason I’d want to be Jessica but the whole permanently a virgin thing is a big turn off.  Umm, as for Liz – I think in some ways I am already like that character.  The writing was really great and I would be excited to be a part of the project.  The only flaw that I could tell was no Jason or Russell Edgington.

I’ve gotta remember to bring a bottle of water to audition because my mouth always gets so dry.  I feel like I start out strong vocally with the song but I can’t really keep that momentum/power alive throughout.  This time it was because of the almost fainting/vomiting thing but I think it just highlighted a weak spot.  The thing that makes it weak is all the thinking.  I was trying to focus on one spot throughout the entire song.  My singing teacher suggested to pick someone’s ear to sing to so it looks like I’m singing to them.  But that scares me – say I make eye contact…I wouldn’t want to make them uncomfortable or me more uncomfortable.  So I focused above their heads.

As always I’m in the hopeful anticipation part of the audition process where anything is possible.  I could have landed a part.  I could have been amazing.   I will never be the wiser unless I get a part.

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