Crazy People

It’s official.  Everyone at work thinks I’m crazy.  I’ve been rehearsing my monologue all throughout my shift.  I let them know I was doing a monologue yet somehow the crazy stares keep flying my way.  I’m taking the fearful stares as a compliment to my acting talents.  Even the guy who thinks he knows everything about everything gave me the crazy look.  He thought the notes I was given were preposterous and clearly whatever class I was in was filled with lesser talents than him.  I try, hopelessly, not be annoyed by his narcissism.  At best, it’s amusing.  At worst, it’s grotesquely condescending.

I kind of think that everyone else is crazy to not clearly know that I’m rehearsing a monologue.  The words I am reciting are clear and concise.  Nobody speaks in such a manner in real life.  Or maybe they do and I don’t know any of them.  I suppose it is a good exercise in not caring what other people think.   Like the other day I walked in whispering the lines to myself and this girl pretty much gave me the strangest look.  It was mixture of confusion, fear and bitchiness all wrapped in one face.  I couldn’t help but shrink a little on the inside.

But I guess everyone at work already thought I was crazy because apparently I talk to myself.  I do not.  I simply repeat instructions so I can remember them.  Or mutter insanely funny jokes under my breath which I would be mortified if nobody laughed.  Or begin conversations with people I think are listening when it turns out they weren’t.  Or I sing to myself.  Singing to yourself is not a crazy thing to do.  Plus, I don’t care what any of them think of me anyway.

But no I assure you – I am not crazy.  I am eccentric.  Dedicated to the memorization and delivery of this monologue.  Crazy/bitchy looks and all.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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