She Speaks

I’m working on this monologue I found in this monologue book I bought called ‘She Speaks monologues for women’.  The one I’m working on is from a play called ‘Serviced’.  It’s about this woman who works in a bar and is working up the courage to kick out an unruly customer.  I’ve decided to move around while delivering the monologue and ‘mime’ typical things to be doing in a bar while having this one sided conversation.  I will kind of be annoyed tomorrow if the note I get is to deliver it standing still.  Mainly cause it’ll be such an obvious note.  I guess I should practice it not doing those movements but the thing is the movements help me remember the lines.  We’ll see how it goes.

I have also been rehearsing ‘Holding Out for a Hero’  in front of the mirror.  I still don’t really see what the big difference is.  The comments from last week about the song was a) that it’s a performance and b) to basically yell the song or be angry and c) my arms seemed attached to my sides.  I still can’t figure out the arm thing cause that’s where my arms sit naturally so do I put my hands up for the whole song.    I also decided to watch ‘Cher: The Farewell’ tour for some performance tips.

I met with Jen, my choreographer, for the one woman show I’m working on based on this blog.  We finished working on ‘I Gotcha’.  It’s coming along nicely.  Still have no clue where or when this show will take place but let’s just pretend that reality is not a factor and I can actually do this show.

I kind of regret listening to the Next to Normal soundtrack the songs are just so depressing to have stuck in your head all day…especially at work.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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