Focal Point

Focus is still on my mind since it was the focus at my singing lesson yesterday.  I was preparing for the audition I have next week and the big thing that’s ‘wrong’ with me and the way I perform is that it is so difficult for me to pick a focal point.  My eyes just wander all over the place.  Which I suppose lessens the impact of anything I say or sing.  Another aspect of focusing is being specific about what you’re thinking.  The song ‘Don Juan’ is feeling pretty good.  I’m also going to sing ‘Not for the Life of Me’.  And the monologue I’ll do is from this play called Too True To Be Good.

Another thing I need to focus on is looking for a composer I can work with to put my show together.  The original version.  I don’t think I’m going to write for the online magazine anymore.  I only did 1 article and then started on the second but then kind of forgot about it and missed the deadline.  But I really want to add a new feature to this blog where I interview the creative people in my life and do a little profile on them.  The ideal version of it would be posting a video of it but I’m not too sure how to do that.  And don’t really care about finding out.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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