Focus is something I lack.  I get distracted so easily.  I already feel like I’m being pulled in 900 different directions and it’s day 2.  I’m not actually feeling overwhelmed yet because we’re just talking about scheduling at this point.

I’m trying to schedule these choreographer auditions.  It’s so difficult to find a time that works for me, the auditioners and the location with which the audition is being held.  Mostly, because a) I left it to the last minute the booking part and b) cause it was the holiday and I didn’t want to be bothersome.  It’s so hard to know when to be proactive because sometimes when you anticipate what you think someone else’s answer will be by assuming you end up creating more hassle and strain.  Like for example,  I could assume that the person is available in the afternoon and book the room but then say she was only available in the evening…but is it really all that difficult to send another email saying ‘actually, 6pm would be better than 2pm’.  Is stupid to be thinking so much about every little thing?  Also, I would so very much like someone else to help me judge who would be the best choreographer for me but I suppose the only one who will know is me.  But I’m so easily won over.  But I don’t really want to add another persons schedule to the mix, I might fall over.

Then there’s my whole schedule to think about.  I need to find a balance between work (starbucks), work (writing/working on shows), this playwrights circle, improv rehearsal and shows, singing lesson, dance classes/workout time, laundry, choir practice and the sunday thing known to some as church which I like to refer to as ‘show’.  Am I forgetting something?  Looking for a “real” job.  Real job would be defined by a job that is appropriate for my age and talents and pays me with money.   How do you focus when there is so many things to focus on?  I’ll figure it out.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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