42nd Street

I have an audition scheduled for January 10th for 42nd Street with the Etobicoke Musical Productions.  They sent me an audition package – very thorough – I’m allotted 7 minutes and 7 minutes only!  In these minutes I am to sing 2 contrasting songs and a short (60 second) monologue.  I worry about what should happen should I accidentally go over by a second or 2.  Will they kill me?  I also need to stick around for the dance audition portion of the audition.  The show is mostly tap dancing which I like the best.  It’s one I least look stupid doing which is good.  But I’ll still need to brush up.  Time to squeeze in some lessons.

Any who, as for song choices I thinking of going with ‘Don Juan’ from Smokey Joe’s Cafe – since that’s the song I do the best.  Not sure about the second one.  Maybe Not For the Life of Me from Thoroughly Modern Millie – I worry that song may get over done.  I think that because the last 2 musical theatre classes I’ve gone too someone sang that song.  I could also do ‘Always True To You (In My Fashion)’ Kiss Me Kate.

The plot would be perfect for me, I like to think.  A young chorus girl becomes the star of the show.  Not quite me since a) I haven’t been in the chorus of a show in awhile and b) I haven’t broken anyones bones to star in a production before.  A girl can dream.

I really love that song ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ and would want to be in the musical just so I could be a part of this number.


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