Karaoke + Choir

Thursday nights are my night to sing.  However, I am disappointed with my performance as usual.  All the lessons I learn in my weekly singing lessons have fallen upon deaf ears since I can’t put them into practice.  I can’t stay on the breath and connected and use the vowels and avoid having the consonants cut off the sound.  I’m aggravated.  I want to be good.  Apparently for 5 minutes during my last singing lesson I was like really good but when will the world see it.  How can I let everyone else see the amazing talent that I am?  Why does it hide? I sang ‘Ring Them Bells’ at Karaoke tonight really badly.  I could feel it all in my throat.  No real power.  Awful – at least for a person who takes weekly singing lessons.  I should be better than that.  Ugh.  Choir practice was pretty good though.  I can’t read music so I rely heavily on the people beside me for how the songs go.  Apparently everyone has been singing these songs for years so I shouldn’t feel bad that I don’t know them.  I sing alto.  When not at rehearsal if I am not directly beside another alto – I get confused and end up pretending to sing instead of singing.  Oh well, I just got to practice more.  I’ll get better.  It’s just nerves.  Someday the real star will shine….right?  Or maybe I’m just crazy and delusional and actually have no real talents and am wasting my money and time…hmmm?  I suppose only time will tell.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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