I had an audition this morning.  It’s for Big Kid Entertainment – they go to schools and do a show and teach a workshop.  It went fairly well.  I did this monologue about this girl with braces and how it is ruining her life.  (Here is the link to the monologue:  It was super fun and I wore this funny hair band I have and my glasses.  Then I was asked to do the monologue with a different accent and given directions while doing the monologue.  I chose a ‘cockney’ type accent.  The director yelled out emotions like ‘angry’, ‘sad’, ‘happy’, and ‘drunk’.  I struggled with showing anger which is always shocking to me because I am quite aware of my anger throughout my day.  ‘Sad’ – I did it over the top and it was great. ‘Happy’ was easy.  ‘Drunk’ was good but I lost the accent.  Then, I was asked to sing.  I had prepared ‘Tomorrow’ but no the guy gave me lyrics to a song from the play they are doing and sang it with me.  I struggled to learn it fast.  But the notes were fairly easy so he could hear if I could sing or not.  I may or may not get a callback but it sounded like it went well.  There was a whole issue of payment that I’m not entirely comfortable with but as far as the talent portion of the audition – it went well.  I want singing and acting to be something I do for fun and I just can’t have fun if I’m relying on it to pay my rent cause it won’t.  Unless I get into like a commercial or something but that’s another thing all together.  Maybe eventually I could work up to doing some voice work – for extra money.  We’ll see.

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I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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