I just got back from my ‘callback audition’.  I don’t think I’m going to get the part of Sally Simpson but not because I did terribly or anything but because they are looking for solid dancers for this productions.  I think I still have a chance to be the part of the chorus that involves mostly singing and not so much dancing.   The director said he wanted the dancing to be more “modern” and less “jazz hands”.  The thing is I’m more “jazz hands” and less “modern”.  But I tried my best.

The room was filled with hopefuls…which made me wonder if they actually narrowed the preliminary auditions down any.  Most people were acting students in the theatre program at U of T.  The choreography was tough.  It was easy though to channel my frustration into that expressive face you should have while doing that type of dancing.  I was going crazy with frustration.  Darcy reared her ugly head.  Tears were shed but I tried to “use it” as they say and I never gave up.   Even when I was feeling defeated and Darcy was whispering to me: “obviously all the real roles are going to go to the real dancers.”   I wasn’t picked to carry on to the second part of the audition but the director said that it didn’t mean we were cut and that we’d hear tomorrow.  So it could go either way.  The production will need singers, too. So I think I still have as good as a shot as anyone else.

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