I’m going to a musical theatre dance class tonight.  My first in a really long time.  Like 8 years.  I’m not really counting that stupid broadway class that I took a year ago because it got cancelled due to poor attendance.  I used to take this class all throughout elementary and high school.  It was the best thing ever and the only place I ever felt even the slightest form of confidence.  The class consists of lip synching to a song and learning a dance routine.  Super fun.  It’s all the way in Thornhill though so I’ll have to leave soon if I want to get there on time.  I really hope I’m not the youngest person in the class.  I did a class like this once – as in an adult dance class when I was 19 or something and it was so awkward.   Maybe this time it’ll be different.  I’m really excited.  I’m counting this as my ‘artist’s date’ even though it’s with lots of people.  It was going to be eating a crepe at this crepe place on college street but I think this is way better.  Hopefully.  I am kind of nervous and a part of me would like very much to stay in and not take the chance of possibly hating myself for doing this but I’m going.

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