The Telephone Hour

I got a telemarketing job this week.  I call people up and (try to) sell them theatre subscriptions.  I think this job might just be helpful to my singing because I have to rely on my voice to get the job done.  Apparently my voice sounds tense and I sound like I don’t care…is the feed back I received from the manager.  Which is quite the opposite then what I thought I sounded like.  The tense voice thing is the same note I’m getting in my singing lessons which makes it difficult to hit those lower notes which is what I have been struggling with.  Apparently I have a compressed sound instead of released one.  The other day in my singing lesson we worked on that.  My singing teacher had me lie on the floor and wail like a baby.  Apparently it has to do with my breathing.  As everything seems to stem from.  Oh and apparently I don’t listen or I hear all the wrong things.

This past week I was learning the song ‘Cabaret’ and there are some lower notes that I could only get to if I was really relaxed.  Relaxation is a problem for me for the most part.  I can’t relax when someone tells me to relax because I thought I was relaxed but apparently not and then I’m worrying about what the correct way to be relaxed is.  It’s annoying and frustrating which I know is the opposite of relaxed.  I find when trying to talk to people on the phone in a relaxed way I’m doing an impression of one and I’m talking really slowly.  It’s annoying because I feel like the one thing I need to master is relaxation but that should just come easily.  And now I’m all tense thinking about how I need to relax more.  Yes, Frankie – I heard you the first time – thanks!

Anyway I just like the song below and it’s been awhile since I posted a song on here – so enjoy:

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