Job Hunt: Summer 2011 Edition

I’m looking for employment yet again – as you may have gathered from my previous post.  It seems to be a constant in my life.  Every couple of months or so another opportunity ending forcing me to seek more opportunities elsewhere.  At least I have a full resume – some tell me.  However this constant search is kind of wearing on my soul.  Maybe that’s too dramatic but in any event the job of searching for a job must get done no matter how pouty or insignificant I may feel.  I managed to apply for 3 jobs today.  A world record for most job seekers.  The first job I applied for was a stretch and I really only applied for it because I had a dream about it.  In the dream I was at a group interview for the position and was answering the questions perfectly except for one.  The person doing the interviewing (who was played by John Cleese) dismissed the rest of the people and offered me $30,000 to not work for them and to go back to school.   ‘But I don’t want to go back to school – I want to work,’ I said both delighted to suddenly have $30,000 at my disposal and offended that they were going to pay me not to work.   Anyways I’m not sure what the dream means but when I woke up I decided to apply for the position which I feel I’m one more experience away from actually being qualified for but who knows maybe they will pay me not to work for them.  Then I applied for a position that I am exactly qualified for but forgot to attach my resume – so who knows how that looks.  Then I applied for a job that I’m over qualified for but starts in September when I would like to start.  I’m still wondering if the job I applied for last week will call.   This one would be helpful to me in my future business that I always say I’m going to start when I’m older and (some how) smarter and they bring their dog to work – I’ve always wanted to work in an office that allowed dogs.  And so the saga of looking for a job continues.  Oh and I also think that cover letters should go in the body of the email instead in an attachment which I guess is wrong to think that way.  But I am stubborn about this wrong because I feel like I’m right and that this job applying convention should be changed to satisfy me.

About Alex Lean

I am just another dreamer trying to wake up
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