Sweat for Tears

I did my first ‘Body Conditioning by Dancers’ class yesterday.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought – even though I was reduced to tears midway. Not by anyone in particular.  We were about to do the ‘push-up’ portion of the work out and the teacher was just explaining what all the different moves were and I started to cry.  It just seemed so hard and like I would never be able to do it like not even kinda sorta.  Anyway,  I’ve come to realize – I think – that since I’m so sensitive tears are just the way I react to things.  I don’t see crying as a bad thing necessarily.  I just sort of accept it as the way I guess my body releases tension.  I’m not entirely sure about this theory as I tested it out on a coworker and she looked at me in with concern that I cried during the class.  I guess since I cry so often I don’t really see what the concern is all about.  Oh and I suppose the reaction to reading this would just be to just stop crying but you don’t understand what it’s like when the emotions are upon you the more I resist the worse the cry gets so its much better I’ve learned to just let the emotion pass through and then to get on with the rest of the day.   Although this practice may cause others a great deal of discomfort looking at you – who cares…one can only think of themselves in this situations.  

So yeah an assessment of the damage the day after the class is that my right knee hurts, my thighs and butt are sore and so are my shoulders.  Other than those things, it seems alright.  I better get on with my day.

Also I still can’t stop thinking about my run in with Hugh and how I said absolutely nothing.  Ok seriously if I see him again I really am going to ask him if I can interview him for this blog or talk to him for an extended period of time about what it’s like to be a successful performer.  I actually would like to interview his back up singers as well.  One of them played Elpheba in Wicked on Broadway (among other credits) and the other was in Rent I think or Spamelot (which I never saw but heard it was really good and wanted to see it).  I guess we’ll see if an interview could be a possibility in my future with Hugh and the others.

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